handpainted type

gemalte schrift painted 1900 plakat poster

i love fonts and i love to paint it myself, i try to recreate them as perfect as possible, but i sort of like the imperfection of them, if you know a bit of german you’ll see some embarrassing spelling mistakes! yes i’m dyslexic! just ads to the charm of it!

buffet basel gemalt schrift blumen (more…)

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1900 vintage tags basel beer

eventhough i really dislike anytype of beer, i had a lot of fun creating old fashioned beer labels

hopfen tropfen beer 1900 style apfel tropfen cidre 1900 style

auf alt gemachte bier etiketten 1900

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1900 party basel handmade

grosse tombola mit wunderbaren preisen, das alles für nur 10 rappen pro lösli versteht sich

big tombola including wonderful prices, all for only 10 rapps (o.10 CHF) a lot

1900 party basel handmade

1900 party basel handmade

1900 party basel handmade

die meisten meiner 1900 preise fand ich auf flohmärkte und in brockenstuben, einige hab ich alt eingepackt, kartonschachteln überklebt in auf 1900 getrimmtem stil.

most of my 1900 prices i found in fleamarkets, some i wrapped new in old style

loose and win black white 1900 party

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old playing cards historic pattern

since i created cards myself i sort of started love vintage playing cards, there is a great page here for all the cards lovers

old vintage playing cards, heart

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play cards

1900 cards

handmade cards, to guess famous people before and around 1900

who am i cards 1900

basel schweiz

1900 basel


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1900 essen menu

i tried to make it as old fashioned as possible and still tasty

sweet swans decoration with cream

vintage tassen, brockenstuben old basel

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art nouveau mirror

art nouveau mirror basel

made of salt dough, gemacht aus salzteig

salt dough recipe

mirror basel

more after the jump (more…)

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1900 deko

basel schweiz

our lovely living room dressed for the 1900 party

basel schweiz 1900

photographes, vintage basel art

decoration art nouveau basel

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fräulein aida

klimt 2011 basel schweiz art

kleine ODE an meine wunderbare spanische mitbewohnerin, die für verrückte projekte immer zuhaben ist, wie hier und hier zu sehen. diesmal als klimt verschnitt  model für party deko. muchas gracias

art basel klimt 2011

klimt basel art 2011

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1900 party

basel, schweiz

so now it’s past, i’m 30 and my lovely party i prepared for the last 6 month is history, i will add more and more pictures as they come in slowly.

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